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Touch ID

Appium has the capability to simulate Touch ID on iOS Simulators.


  • TouchID simulation is only supported in iOS Simulators. It is not possible to simulate touchId on real devices.
  • Not all iOS devices have touchId so your tests should handle the case where touchId is not supported


  • To use touchId, the application that Appium launches from (such as Terminal, AppiumDesktop, or iTerm) must be added to the accessibility preferences on your Mac. Navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility and under Allow the apps below to control your computer add the application. (The only way Appium can enable enrollment and toggling of Touch ID is to use system-level accessibility APIs to simulate mouse clicks on the Simulator menus via AppleScript. For this reason this feature requires that you give Appium's running context access to these accessibility APIs).


  • Set the desired capability allowTouchIdEnroll to true.
  • When the Simulator starts, touch id enrollment will be enabled by default.
  • You can toggle touchId enrollment by calling the client method associated with the endpoint /session/:sessionId/appium/simulator/toggle_touch_id_enrollment