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Welcome to the Appium Inspector documentation! The Inspector is a GUI assistant tool for Appium, providing visual inspection of the application under test (screenshots and page sources), with features such as interacting with the app screenshot, searching for and interacting with elements, executing driver actions, recording user actions, and more!

Appium Inspector is part of the Appium ecosystem. For information on Appium itself, please visit the Appium documentation.

Explore the Documentation

  • Check out the Overview to learn the basics of the Inspector
  • Go through the Quickstart steps to get set up and start inspecting your app
  • The Menu Bar section acts as a reference for the application menu bar
  • The Session Builder section acts as a reference for the default landing screen
  • The Session Inspector section acts as a reference for the inspector screen
  • Refer to the Troubleshooting page for a list of potential issues
  • For contributions to the Inspector, refer to the Contributing page