This documentation is deprecated. Please refer to the README in the Appium repository or Appium 2.0 documentation.

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Appium provides a way for users to automate multiple Android sessions on a single machine on single server instance. All it involves is starting Appium server on any available port.

Note, that it is not possible to have more than one session running on the same device.

The important capabilities:

Parallel iOS Tests

Since Xcode9, Appium supports parallel RealDevice and Simulator testing. Start your Appium Server on any available port.

The important capabilities:




When running on Jenkins, watch out for the ProcessTreeKiller when running multiple parallel test jobs on the same machine. If you are spawning simulators in one test job, Jenkins might kill all your simulators when the first test ends - causing errors in the remaining test jobs!

Use BUILD_ID=dontKillMe to prevent this from happening.