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Automation Name default fullReset noReset
iOS (including XCUITest) Shut down sim after test. Do not destroy sim. If it is a simulator and app capability is provided, uninstalls the app-under-test* but does not destroy simulator. If it is a real device or a simulator with only bundleId capability, does not uninstall app-under-test. Uninstall app before and after real device test, destroy Simulator before and after sim test. They happen only before if resetOnSessionStartOnly: true is provided Do not destroy or shut down sim after test. Start tests running on whichever sim is running, or device is plugged in
Android Stop and clear app data after test. Do not uninstall apk Stop app, clear app data and uninstall apk before session starts and after test Do not stop app, do not clear app data, and do not uninstall apk.

*: Make sure the local data has been deleted from the simulator environment rather than they remain unexpectedly.