Edit this Doc The Mac2Driver

Mac2Driver has been added to Appium since version 1.20. This driver is for automating macOS applications using Apple's XCTest framework. It provides more flexibility and features in comparison to the legacy MacDriver and is better compatible with operating system internals. The driver operates in scope of W3C WebDriver protocol with several custom extensions to cover operating-system specific scenarios. The original idea and parts of the source code are borrowed from the Facebook's WebDriverAgent project.

Development of the Mac2Driver happens at the appium-mac2-driver repo.

Requirements and Support

In addition to Appium's general requirements:


The way to start a session using the Mac2Driver is to include the automationName capability in your new session request, with the value Mac2. Of course, you must also include appropriate platformName (only Mac is supported). Read Mac2Driver documentation for more details.


The list of available driver capabilities could be found in the driver README file.