This documentation is deprecated. Please refer to the README in the Appium repository or Appium 2.0 documentation.

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Set the content of the system clipboard

Example Usage

// base64Content is Base64-encoded content
driver.setClipboard("label", ClipboardContentType.PLAINTEXT, base64Content);
driver.setClipboardText("happy testing");

self.driver.set_clipboard('happy testing')
self.driver.set_clipboard_text('happy testing')

// example
driver.setClipboard('happy testing', 'plaintext')

// wd example
await driver.setClipboard('happy testing', 'plaintext')

# ruby_lib example
set_clipboard content: 'happy testing'

# ruby_lib_core example
@driver.set_clipboard content: 'happy testing'

// CSharp Code here


Set the content of the system clipboard (For iOS 15+ real devices) Apple security preferences require the WebDriverAgentRunner application to be in foreground in order to set the system clipboard content. Consider using Activate App and Background App to change the foreground application. Activate App command cannot launch the WebDriverAgent properly on some environments. It depends on XCTest framework by Apple. Then, you should launch the WebDriverAgent using its Springboard's application icon. Follow the example below. 1. Open Springboard, @driver.activate_app ''. 2. Find the WDA icon with @driver.find_element :accessibility_id, 'WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner' (It should be visible on the screen) and click it. 3. Call the get clipboard API. 4. Open the application under test with the Activate App.


Appium Server

Platform Driver Platform Versions Appium Version Driver Version
iOS XCUITest 9.3+ 1.6.0+ All
UIAutomation None None None
Android Espresso ?+ 1.9.0+ All
UiAutomator2 ?+ 1.6.0+ All
UiAutomator None None None
Mac Mac None None None
Windows Windows None None None

Appium Clients

Language Support Documentation
Java All
Python All
Javascript (WebdriverIO) All
Javascript (WD) All
Ruby All iOS Android
C# None

HTTP API Specifications


POST /session/:session_id/appium/device/set_clipboard

URL Parameters

name description
session_id ID of the session to route the command to

JSON Parameters

name type description
content String The actual base64 encoded clipboard content.
contentType string The type of the content to get. Plaintext, Image, URL. Android supports only plaintext.
label string Clipboard data label for Android.


Response from Appium server (string)

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