This documentation is deprecated. Please refer to the README in the Appium repository or Appium 2.0 documentation.

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Retrieve the server’s current status

Example Usage



// example

// wd example
await driver.status();

# ruby_lib example

# ruby_lib_core example



Returns information about whether a remote end is in a state in which it can create new sessions and can additionally include arbitrary meta information that is specific to the implementation.

The readiness state is represented by the ready property of the body, which is false if an attempt to create a session at the current time would fail. However, the value true does not guarantee that a New Session command will succeed.

Implementations may optionally include additional meta information as part of the body, but the top-level properties ready and message are reserved and must not be overwritten.


Appium Server

Platform Driver Platform Versions Appium Version Driver Version
iOS XCUITest 9.3+ 1.6.0+ All
UIAutomation 8.0 to 9.3 All All
Android Espresso ?+ 1.9.0+ All
UiAutomator2 ?+ 1.6.0+ All
UiAutomator 4.3+ All All
Mac Mac ?+ 1.6.4+ All
Windows Windows 10+ 1.6.0+ All

Appium Clients

Language Support Documentation
Java All
Python All
Javascript (WebdriverIO) All
Javascript (WD) All
Ruby All
C# All

HTTP API Specifications


GET /status

URL Parameters


JSON Parameters



name type description
build.version string A generic release label (i.e. "2.0rc3")
build.revision string The revision of the local source control client from which the server was built

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